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Published Dec 09, 20
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I make and sell a great deal of awareness fashion jewelry and will use this."- Marsha" Hello there! On the Awareness ribbons color and cause guide, a yellow ribbon likewise represents deployed armed force. I am the partner of a United States Air Force member and we use the yellow ribbons when our partners are deployed to war. My kid is just recently detected with Crohn's, and this chart will assist with my look for the proper colors for beaded bracelets."- Nancy" Hey, The awareness chart was excellent, thank you for having it - hs awareness. It would have been better in PDF form though so I could wait instead of print it out.

Great for fund raising. Please include colors if you find out of any brand-new ones. Thanks," -Norma" I opened today's e-mail ecstatic about your new awareness ribbon beads and the link to meanings, excited to purchase some for the group that suffers from Vasculitis Disease. Regretfully you have not noted Vasculitis (Wegener's Granulomatosis is (hs awareness).

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what my sibling suffers) under the red ribbon section. www.vasculitisfoundation.org Thank you "- Minda" THANK YOU for pulling all the awareness ribbon color details together in one place!! I have actually typically wanted to create a piece for a friend or family member dealing with a specific situation however wasn't sure what color was agent of the condition. hs awareness.

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I appreciate the way you always make fashion jewelry simplifying!!"- Jyl" Hey this was fabulous ... It's FANTASTIC!!!! It's because of handy guides like this and comparable that I keep a folder of "Fire Mountain Recommendation." I'm the opposite of a packrat-- I throw practically whatever away. However not your stuff. I can't tell you how helpful this guide is, because I DO make cause bracelets, usually at the request of a client. I just can't thank you enough for the - hs awareness.

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effort and time it required to put this guide together-- and for offering it free of charge. There are a lot of places that may USE it, however would do so for a rate. You people are the finest!" -Karen "Those people with Lyme disease have long been utilizing the green ribbon to indicate Lyme. My granddaughter( who is the light of my life) was simply detected with AML and is already on her treatments. I wanted to make bracelets to raise some cash but wasn't actually sure what color besides orange. With your help now, I can start making my bracelets (hs awareness). Thank you a lot. "- Regina" Oh my goodness, there are a great deal of ribbons and causes. It's a great reference tool!"- Lisa" Thank you for the ribbon chart. I had no idea numerous causes are represented by ribbons which one color may stand for many causes. I like the puzzle one for autism-- so fitting. I feel I need a multi-color ribbon to represent all my concerns! I love getting your newsletters and flyers, though I'm not always able to buy. simply the best!!! Mahalo!!!( Thank you from.

Hawaii!!!!! )" - Jenny "I wish to reveal my appreciation for your "Ribbon Color Chart". I have seen numerous ribbon color charts, however this one was the most extensive and the most comprehensive, I have actually EVER seen. I do a great deal of making and sending out of angels to individuals in need of a little extra assistance. hs awareness. Now, I know I can use the appropriate color.

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! I can likewise include a beaded edge to it if I want (hs awareness). So thank you so quite!" - CharliAnn "Love the Awareness Ribbon Color Guide! Printed it out for fast reference. Would you please, please put a FaceBook link for it so that I can share it? As a handicapped adult with NFII, I know many ppl who would love to be able to know this info and are not yet acquainted with you, but require to be.

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can you perhaps check out this and make these offered they are usually done in silver and blue - hs awareness." - Lisa "I can't start to inform you how much I value the truth that you consisted of Male Breast Cancer Awareness and the pink and blue ribbon! We have actually been working for 5-1/2 years to bring recognition to this unusual illness and your company is one of the very first to include MBC."- Cathy" What a fantastic concept to include the Awareness Ribbons guide! Congratulations to.

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you !! I wish to include a cause to your list-- orange ribbons also represent prevention of cruelty to animals. endo warrior. hs awareness.

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